New PARAMARSH Website Goes LIVE!!!

On the eve of its 25th anniversary, Paramarsh sought to revamp its website to mark its changing outlook in view of changing external factors. The new website showcases our new set of competencies, strategic vision in line with current economic trends, and our shifting focus on value added services for our clients.

After completing 25 years in the IT industry, during which we delivered par excellence and earned enormous amount of goodwill, we are now set to take on the challenges of this generation. The focus of IT has shifted from support or cost cutting functions to strategy, transformation and innovation tools in organizations. As our clients tread this crucial juncture, we stand by them helping them manage change more effectively.

Some of our recent success stories:

–       Development of Web and Mobile Applications for New York based NGO devoted to rehabilitation of people with developmental disabilities

–       Product development of interactive music sharing Mobile Apps for new Start Up in Delaware

–       Designing an Electronic database for an International Organization in India

–       Development of Information portal for a Government of Norway Initiative in Rural Mother and Child Healthcare

–       Development of knowledge portal for an International Organization to enable information dissemination of its activities

–       Designing monitoring & evaluation systems for WFP ‘Food for Work’ campaigns in India, Cambodia and North Korea

–       Developing whistleblower websites for MP, Punjab, Rajasthan and Maharashtra to promote anti-female feticide campaigns

–       Award & Testimonials

For enquiries and suggestions, please visit our website:

Or drop us a note at:


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