PARAMARSH delivers Electronic Employee Directory with Advanced Search and Reporting features for all Agencies of an International Organization in India

Client Context

  • An international organization with about 5000 personnel in India wanted to create an online directory of employees, Agencies and Divisions
  • The Directory had to incorporate the organizational structure of various agencies, classification of security circles and hierarchical cataloguing of employees
  • The chief challenges were: 1. meeting the expectations of multiple stakeholders, 2. convergence of HR and security requirements, 3. designing a highly intuitive product scalable enough to generate exhaustive search results and reports on the fly


Engagement Objectives

  • To enable storage and retrieval of employee, agency and division related data and just in time analytics and reporting mechanisms
  • To deliver the product in an incremental fashion, absorbing client feedback and ensuring adherence to stringent audit and data security standards
  • Adherence to audit and security compliance measures


  • Development of product in .NET Framework hosted on IIS with MS SQL Server as backend
  • Incorporation of sophisticated authentication, search and reporting flows


  • Conceptualization and implementation of a product with enhanced usability features enabling simple navigational flows and an interactive and seamless user interface
  • A consolidated data organization, storage and retrieval mechanism that enables easy communication and fast information dissemination

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